Hi, I’m Tosin toe-seen

I am a software developer with extensive experience in various industries ranging from hospitality, accounting, ad-tech, iGaming e.t.c I have 8 years of professional experience and have held various roles in that period.

Being a polyglot, I'm quite comfortable with various programming languages (JS, PHP, JAVA) and paradigms such as OOP and FP but in recent times, my goto language has been Elixir. I enjoy working with complex (not complicated) scalable systems and I find that Elixir and OTP provide quality tools to tame the beast. I'm a huge proponent of Test Driven Development and Delivery. It is to software the same as the assembly line is to the Automobile Industry.

If you have any questions, or want us to be friends, or even just to validate my experience, you can shoot me a mail. I always respond.